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best-calgary-mortgage-brokerIn this article we present you the benefits and pitfalls of a loan obtained through a skilled Calgary mortgage broker, and in which cases it is better to resort straight to the services of a bank. As in any field, in banking there also exists an intermediate creditors’ segment, those which facilitate the sale. When you call their services you should keep in mind that these persons have both strengths and weaknesses.
Convenience, the main advantage:

The main advantage of using a mortgage broker lies in convenience. A mortgage broker can travel to your home or place of work in order to collect all the documents which you may need as to obtain the credit. Later, he will go straight to the bank as to submit the file in your name.  This is of interest particularly to people who cannot invoice easily from work as to solve their personal problems. A home loan involves a rather cumbersome procedure; hence the reason why using a broker can save you a lot of time. Additionally, with the aid of an experienced broker you can avoid situations when documents are filled completely erroneous and may be rejected by the bank.

If you choose this route, then we recommend you to ask your broker for a copy of the credit agreement and take time to read it on your own. Check out to get the best rates.


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The broker gets his commission from the bank:
Usually broker services are free, so applicants are not charged anything extra. Therefore, the cost of credit remains basically the same, regardless of whether a person addresses directly to a bank or to a broker.

Brokers are paid by the bank, receiving a percentage of the mortgage amount in the form of commission. Some banks offer higher commissions, so it is possible for your broker to base his recommendations on this aspect. Additionally, the more expensive a credit is, the higher the commission for the broker.

Thus, there is a risk for the broker to guide you to more expensive loans sometimes. Therefore, it is recommended to set right from the start which your available budget is and how much you plan to rent from the bank.
A broker does not work with all banks:

A broker works only a few banks that he has signed intermediation contracts with. Thus, despite statements made by some brokers, they do not allow you access to all the existing credit offers. If you find an offer that is not in broker’s portfolio, then you should address yourself directly to the respective bank.  If you are a real estate agent or broker and are looking for a local Calgary real estate leads please check out call 403-540-6869.

Another important aspect is that loan brokers are companies specifically authorized for this purpose. Therefore no authority checks these brokers as to whether they have the necessary qualifications for this activity or not. Therefore, it is important to choose a broker who has relevant experience in the field.
Keep these aspects in mind when researching Calgary mortgage brokers or homes for sale in fort mcmurray and you will be one step closer to success.

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