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The mortgage industry in Canada has an answer that has largely flown under the radar for most average home owners. The Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association spells out the pros and cons to what is called, The Reverse Mortgage. This kind of mortgage is only recommended for home owners over the age of 60 and is intended to be a source of monthly income to help offset the shortfall caused by the small monthly CPP cheque. The trick such a mortgage working for you, is having a home whose original mortgage was paid off long ago. Essentially, a reverse mortgage is a loan taken against the equity of your home whereby the interest generated is paid out to you in a tax-free manner every month. It isn’t necessary to make payments on this loan, but due to the fact that upon your death, your estate will have to pay it off in short order, you may want to consider some kind of payment schedule to avoid the hit to your estate upon your passing.


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  In this article we present you the benefits and pitfalls of a loan obtained through a skilled Calgary mortgage broker, and in which cases it is better to resort straight to the services of a bank. As in any field, in banking there also exists an intermediate creditors’ segment, those which facilitate the sale. […]

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